About GISR Foundation

GISR Foundation is a not-for-Profit organization established by a group of senior researchers with an aim to promote research, learning and development activities in various fields and change the education paradigm for welfare of society. The mission of GISR is to accord the lives of underprivileged children with the light of education so they can develop to their full potentials and transform into the gems of a better tomorrow. Through the means of education GISR wants to empower and equip them with the ability to better themselves as well as their family and the society.

We believe a helping hand lent to take them towards education shall ascend them in all aspects of life. GISR is dedicated to mentor and teach children from underdeveloped areas across the country. We have provided many children the resources they need for completing their primary education thus supporting their entire journey from hardship to livelihood. GISR pays particular attention to growing and supporting educational opportunities for the crucial yet unacknowledged and disadvantaged female population. GISR reckons to contribute in betterment of girls’ lives “By not giving a girl child just food but by giving her an opportunity to learn so that she can provide food to many more.” We can educate girls and change the course of their lives, their children’s lives and the future of their communities.

We believe an attempt at learning comes packed with basic requirements of Health, Hygiene and Environment. GISR has taken steps for imparting and emphasizing essential sanitation and good health for the development of a child. We aim of a world with these provisions fundamental to everyone. For the same GISR sets up Donation Camps for Tuition Fee, Books, Stationary etc. and Awareness Camps to extend and encourage importance of Sanitation, Hygiene and Environmental Health. We also organize events to support and carry out planting of trees and judicial use of natural resources for a better environment. GISR has recently started The American School for primary education which intends to fulfil all requirements for full-fledged development of a child.

GISR does events that promote and celebrate the power and value of learning and support the cause of educating the girl child and promote health and cleanliness. Through these events we look forward to unite everyone to our mission. We also actively organize and sponsor high quality International Conferences with reputed proceeding publishers like IEEE, SPRINGER, ELESVIER, SCOPUS and ACM etc. Furthermore, we organize Summer Training Programs, Workshops, Internship, Seminars, Academic Events like Award Summit, Technical Talks, Faculty Development Programs, Meet-ups.