About GISR Foundation

GISR Foundation is a not-for-Profit organization registered under Section 8 of Company Act, 2013. GISR Foundation is a Research & Development (R&D) initiative established by a group of senior researchers to promote the research and development activities in the field of Engineering, Technology, Management, Bio-Technology, and Social Sciences. GISR Foundation actively organizes and sponsors the high quality International Conferences with reputed proceeding publishers like IEEE, SPRINGER, ELESVIER, SCOPUS and ACM etc. Furthermore, GISR also organizes Summer Training Programs, Workshops, Internship, Seminars, Academic Events like Award Summit, Technical Talks, Faculty Development Programs, Meet-ups.

The members of GISR Foundation are well-known Researchers, Academicians, Scientists, Engineers, Scholars, and Industry Professionals. GISR Foundation welcomes all Technical Institutions/Universities and Industry Professionals to join us for further Collaboration in the field of society oriented research and academic activities. At GISR, we are dedicated to improve outcomes for the industry by helping an individual to develop skills and acquire latest technology. The mission of GISR Foundation is to develop Educational, Research and Innovation platforms for continuous flow of knowledge between intellects to change education paradigm for the welfare of humanity.

Vision and Mission:-


“GISR Foundation endeavors to Serving individuals with special trainings needs through research and innovative education in affordable assistive Domains“


“GISR Foundation shall work to promote quality education and research initiative in different fields of study providing them to individuals at affordable domain . Our primary focus is on Academics Research & Development"