• We Rise
    by lifting others.
  • A girl
    with a book equals revolution.
  • Forget crackers,
    light up a child’s life this Diwali.

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About Us

GISR is a not-for-profit organization where we believe that a helping hand put forward to take girls towards education can ascend them in all aspects of life. In the light of the same belief we work for uprooting every obstacle that grows in a girl’s path to education. We are committed to leave no reason for a girl to not be able to go to school. Thus, catalyzing their ...

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Prepare The Girl Child

We can never tell what a little push may lead to. Your little help today can make a huge difference. Your small contributions can be the reason for a little girl’s lifelong happiness. You can inspire another artist, engineer, doctor, or entrepreneur in a child. Wonders happen when the right support is there. GISR has come forward to provide this support.

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Our Causes

GISR is dedicated to work for causes that can give a girl child the life she deserves. Join us to help lower the curve of issues and elevate the curve of smile on a kid’s face.

Education For All

Can you imagine living without food? You certainly cannot. Similarly one cannot imagine living without water or air. These are necessary for a body to live, but are they enough for a life worth living...

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A Better Life

The foundation of a better life can be laid in the early days of our lifetime. Childhood is like the clay which can be molded into any shape, it can change the way a kid sees the world and it can shap...

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Hygiene and Sanitization

Sanitation and hygiene are often considered secondary in our society. A large section of people is deprived of basic sanitation and lives in hazardous surroundings. The truth is that sanitation and hy...

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Covid-19 has disrupted every aspect of human life in the most unexpected ways. Most affected are those who were already living the life of hardships. The underprivileged classes of society who always ...

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Nature Care

Do you enjoy the view of sunset? Do you love the beach? Does greenery soothe your soul? Do you love fruits for breakfast? We are sure you do. We love everything the nature gives us but often forget t...

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Want to make a child’s life better?

Contribute to the change that you want in the world. Every hand that helps, brings the needed revolution. Do you want to be a part of the change? Do you wish to be the wings of little girls who aspire to fly high?

Join us, and we will help you with that.

Our Mission

Save the life around us

Watching the surroundings we can list a number of things that are wrong. Join our journey to start checking them off the list one by one.

Help the underprivileged

If we our capable to provide help to the underprivileged then it is our moral responsibility to do so. This is the moment to step on and help make the world a better place for all.


In the age of playing and learning a child’s life out there is filled with hardships. Help us end their sufferings and shape better lives for children by giving them the gift of education.


If provided with the proper education and means a girl can come out as a powerful form of shakti that she is and help whole families and entire communities, overcome poverty and marginalization.


Unhygienic surroundings and contaminated water is taking a lot of lives. Pure water, sanitation and hygiene in life are luxuries that we enjoy failing to realize that some people are deprived of this basic need.


Every day in our life is possible only because of nature’s offerings but we have degraded our environment to a highly alarming level. Take action now or leave your children with no trees.


Reminiscing the moments, which changed our life a bit every time we did something.

















GISR Events

Sometimes, words don’t do the trick but recognition does.

5th International Academic and Research Excellence Awards 2023 (IARE 2023)

  • 02/12/2023 |
  • New Delhi, India

The 5th International Academic and Research Excellence Awards 2023 will be organized on 2nd Decem...

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4th International Inspirational Women Awards 2023 (IIWA 2023)

  • 06/05/2023 |
  • New Delhi, India

4th International Inspirational Women Awards 2023 is an initiative by GISR Foundation that recogn...

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3rd International Conference in Advances in Technology, Management and Sciences 2023 (iATMS 2023)

  • 25/03/2023 |
  • Goa, India

3rd International Conference on Advances in Technology, Management and Sciences (iATMS)-2023 will...

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4th International Business and Academic Excellence Awards 2022 (IBAE 2022)

  • 17/12/2022 |
  • New Delhi, India

The 4th International Business and Excellence (IBAE) Awards 2022 was held at New Delhi, India on ...

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4th International Academic and Research Excellence Awards 2022 (IARE 2022)

  • 27/08/2022 |
  • Panjim, Goa, India

The 4th International Academic and Research Excellence Awards 2022 was held on August, 2022.


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3rd International Inspirational Women Awards 2022 (IIWA 2022)

  • 30/04/2022 |
  • Hyderabad, Telangana, India

International Inspirational Women Awards 2022 is an initiative by GISR Foundation that reco...

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GISR in News

Sometimes, words don’t do the trick but recognition does.

GISR KIT Distribution

  • Bijnor Amar Ujala

GISR KIT Distribution function on 2nd October in Bijnor.