What facilities GISR FOUNDATION provides to improve Girl Child Education in India?

GISR FOUNDATION helps by encouraging Girl Child for their Sanitation, Hygiene and Education and hence, provides with the facilities to ensure this.

How GISR FOUNDATION volunteers by Parents' Councelling of the Girl Child , so that they could send their Girl Child to school?

GISR FOUNDATION talks to the parents of girl child and convince them with the fact that how Girl Child Education is of much importance and how we could help them tackle the hurdles they are facing due to any specific reasons.

Can I be the part of this Girl Child Education initiative?

Yes absolutely, you can join us as a volunteer, intern, fellow member or donor. You can also adopt a Girl Child and bear her Educational expenses and be the part of this social initiative.

There are so many NGOs… why should I support GISR FOUNDATION to help Educate Girl Child?

Girls’ education is known to have a phenomenal multiplier effect and improve a wide range of socio-economic parameters (income, health, inclusion, etc.) in the life of the girl but also of her family and community members. As the saying goes, educate a girl and you’ll educate a nation! There are still millions of out-of-school girls in India. GISR FOUNDATION endeavours to bring the exclusion of India’s most marginalized girls from the education system to an end and gives them better life chances. The strengths of , GISR FOUNDATION’s program model are its depth of impact coupled with its demonstrated ability to scale. Furthermore, by leveraging existing community and government resources, Educate Girls maintains its program implementation at a very low cost. The organization’s professional and experienced team constantly strive for learning and improvement. Educate Girls’ achievements have been hailed by several prestigious awards, like the IARE AWARDS ,2019, IBAE AWARDS,2019 and upcoming IARE AWARDS, 2020 going to be held on 3rd October,2020, etc.

What are the various social activities GISR FOUNDATION has done regarding this initiative?

GISR FOUNDATION has organized Book Donation Camp, Parent's Councelling, Awareness Programs by visiting remote areas, etc to spread the message of the importance of Girl Child Education and how GISR FOUNDATION could help them overcome the hurdles they are facing.

Will an individual’s small contribution help this initiative?

Every contribution irrespective of its size is important and goes a long way towards enabling Educating Girl Child to implement its programme and bring girls back to school. You are welcome to contribute according to your capacity and help us reach out to more girls and create equal opportunities for all.

Can I get to know the name and other details of the Girl Child I have adopted or donated to GISR FOUNDATION for this cause?

Yes absolutely, GISR FOUNDATION believes in transparency and works accountablly in order to ensure Girl Child Education and all the authenticity can be guaranteed with the data and paperwork when asked to present.