Hygiene And Sanitization

Hygiene and Sanitization

Sanitation and hygiene are often considered secondary in our society. A large section of people is deprived of basic sanitation and lives in hazardous surroundings. The truth is that sanitation and hygiene play a vital role in keeping a person healthy. The absence of them causes 80% of all the sickness and disease in the world. An enormous number of people, especially kids die because of improper hygiene and lack of sanitation facilities. Despite this fact efforts to provide proper sanitation facilities or hygiene are observed to be the least.
Women and kids have to face most of the consequences of this situation. The lesser amount of sanitation facilities is an important factor as to why girls in rural areas usually drops out of school. Improved sanitation can help promote dignity and safety among girls and boost their school attendance.

GISR has always viewed sanitation as a human right and works on promoting awareness about the same. Living a life of cleanliness is a privilege. Join us to facilitate hygiene and sanitation for those who cannot afford it